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What is Flyer Friday?

If you follow nJoy the Rush on social media, then you notice that we offer a flyer Friday sale each and every Friday.

Flyer Friday gives our followers and current clients a chance to get a flyer or invitation made by nJoy the Rush at a lesser price than what we normally offer. The process is simple, very simple!

Once you contact nJoy the Rush to get your captivating flyer/invitation created, we will set up a consultation with you to hear what it is that you actually want. After you tell us your vision, and we receive a $25 deposit, we will began to work on making your vision a reality.

After payment is received, we will reach out with a confirmation email. This email will allow you the opportunity to reply with any ideas, color schemes and information that needs to go on the flyer.

Once the information is obtained we will then start the design of the flyer. The flyer will take about 3-7 days to complete. However, we will be in constant communication throughout the process to keep you updated and ask any questions we may have regarding the flyer.

After the flyer is complete, we will send over two different designs for you to pick from for the final project. We will allow you three changes (color, font, etc.) total before we charge a fee of $20. If we have to make changes, this can extend the time frame of the final project.

Lastly, once you’re satisfied with the flyer design we will send over an invoice requesting the final payment of $25. When we receive the payment we will email you the design in the following formats:

  1. JPEG

  2. PDF

If you need a format that isn’t listed above please let us know and we can make the proper accommodations.

Check some of the previous flyers we have done in the past! Don't hesitate to reach out if you would like us to create one for you! Until next time, thanks for stepping in our world!

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