GlowGirl SUCCESS 💫

This past weekend, we gave women the opportunity to mingle with like-minded professionals during the #GlowGirlGoldenHour Women’s Entrepreneur Social. It was such a good time! There were a ton of good vibes, good laughs, and good moments.

The goal of the social was to connect and empower women. We also wanted the women entrepreneurs to learn tips on how to become financially free, and how to follow their dream of creating their own platform. We wanted women to get a creative experience while vibing together and empowering each other.

The social was at The Artist Bloc in Greensboro, N.C. The Artist Bloc is the cutest place ever! It was the perfect size and the cutest theme. Our guest panel lined the stage while our host, Joilee Havner kicked off enticing questions. Our guest panel included, radio host Morgan McKenzie, candle Maker Allegra Seegars, and Branding Badass Amber Crudup. These four women had never met, but once they got on stage, their chemistry sparked, giving good insight for the attendees. It was refreshing to hear the women encourage and help each other.

Get a load of some of the precious gems the intelligent ladies above dropped during the event:

“Having expectations, boundaries, and processes will prevent you from getting lost in business and personal relationships. That way everyone involved knows the value and what acceptable”.

-Amber C.

“Have patience with your yourself. Everything happens in its season.”


Anxiety really had me second guessing myself. And it almost took me out in 2016. What I can tell you that helped me, it was affirming that I was enough and I had a purpose.


Find your purpose, don’t look to be what the world needs but look to be what set your souls on fire.

- Joilee

“I stopped looking outward and started looking inward to help others. My purpose and passion would be what would help others.”


Good stuff right?! We thought so too! It was so many of those moments that had everyone in the building taking notes to apply to self later.

After the panel spoke, and the guest had a chance to answer questions, it was time for the day party! We had a few vendors in the building, one of course being the candle maker herself, Allegra Seegars, and the second being No Label Boutique.

The GlowGirl Golden Hour was definitely a success! We can't wait until the next one! nJoy the Rush would like to extend huge thanks to Joilee Havner, C.E.O. of GlowGirl Project, for teaming up with us and making this awesome event happen! We also would like to thank the panel for sharing their experience thus far! Stay tuned for more! Until next time, thanks for stepping into our world! 

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