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“Gifted: A story of Saints and Sinners” is a debut novel by Kevin Grier where he navigates his way through life from childhood, adolescence, and adulthood. It is a story about family, friendship, brotherhood, growing pains, sex, hardships, and legacy as it takes you into the troubled, Rubik’s cube-like mind of Kevin Grier.

When Kevin decided that he wanted the world to read his story, he wanted to be sure that he had a website for his new project and that's where nJoy the Rush came in. The vision for the website was to introduce Kevin, his book, and the mission behind it. He also wanted to share the inspiration that made him write his debut novel.

nJoy the Rush heard that vision, and went straight to work. We designed a website that featured his story, in a simple but sharp and clean way. We wanted the viewers of his website to get the same tone the book will set once they read it. Earth tone colors set the mood throughout the different sections of the website. It has a calm, and soothing feel, just the way Kevin wanted it to be.

Not only does his website offer the mission, and inspiration of the book, but it also offers a commerce feature. Viewers are able to pre-order “Gifted: A Story of Saints and Sinners” conveniently from the website. Paying for his book is easy and quick by using the PayPal feature. Using PayPal on your website ensures the SSL Secure Certificate,

promising a safe and secure purchase for customers. As for the seller, funds are easily transferred as soon as a customer purchases a product. After a product is bought, PayPal will send the customer a confirmation and a customized thank-you with details of their order.

Maintaining a website can be a little intimidating to some clients, however, nJoy the Rush is there to take away that headache.

Once we reach the final steps of making a website live, also known as publishing the site, we’ll manage it upon the client's request. In Kevin’s case, we are monitoring his online inventory for the book.

Take a look at the finishing product and tell us what you think at!

Do you have website needs for your business? Feel free to contact us to design your next website, we would love to hear from you! Until then, thanks for stepping into our world and keeping up with nJoy the Rush!

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