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The Process

In our last post we explained how we turned a slight disaster into a masterpiece for a website we were designing for Alabaster Box. This website is a great example of an online store that we can design. Please visit to check it out.

(Her candles are awesome by the way!)

So what does it take for nJoy the Rush to build your website? First, you contact us! 

After you contact us, we’ll schedule a free consultation to discuss your ideas for your website.  Once we have completed extensive research on you and/or your company, we begin to build.

There are certain tools we need from the client to begin building, but it's all easy peazy stuff.

1. Color Scheme:

Picking the color scheme for your website is vital. This is typically our first step in` designing your site. Usually, the color scheme matches your logo that you have for your business

2. Information:

Websites need to convey important facts about your business. The main pages that are useful to your customers are the services, contact, and about me pages. A portfolio page is also useful, it allows representation and reputation for your business.

3. Multimedia:

Clients love to see the personal side of a business. Pictures and videos allow the client a closer insight to your day to day operation. To gain a certain level of trust and respect from your client, the pictures and videos chosen should be professional as possible.

Once we plug in your special information on your website, we present the first draft  for client review.

After reviewing, and finalizing edits, the client is ready to go live and show off their brand to the world!

Contact us today to begin building your website for your business. Be sure to follow us on social media to see the latest happenings with nJoy the Rush. Thanks for stepping into our world!

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