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The Perfect Atmosphere

People love to set-up the perfect scenario with the right atmosphere.

We often ask others, what would be your perfect date? If someone gave you an all expense vacation, where would you go? What’s your dream car? If you won a million dollars, what would you do first? Well, here at nJoy the Rush, we like to PLAN your perfect scenario in the RIGHT atmosphere! (See what we did there 😏)

But no seriously, we do certain things to set the atmosphere just right while we are in planning mode! Work environments are so vital to how you feel and perform,

 So why not make your environment the best ever! Today, we are going to walk you guys through our perfect atmosphere while we plan events!

Its Joy here!

So, for me, the first thing I have to do, before I even sit down, is get something to drink. Ha!

That’s a weird first step right? I don’t know what it is about planning and creating that makes me thirsty. I typically like soda, but my bestie/business partner is holding me accountable to live a healthier lifestyle. Now, I fix a tall glass of water (or lemonade) with a lot of ice, and then I sit down. After I have my drink, I get my handy dandy notebook! I’m pretty old school, I still have to write things down before I take it to the technical world! After I have my tools, review client notes, take a sip of lemonade, I mean water, I have to find the perfect tunes! So, I’m an avid apple music user. I love it! I love Apple everything, but that’s besides the point.

Apple music is a really cool music streaming service though, and every Tuesday, they make a playlist catered to my favorites. Now what blows my mind every week is how much they know me! What I mean is, I never say what my favorites are. The list plays related music to the genre, artists, and albums you listen to the most. Every week, they hit it right on the nail! I’m listening to my favorites playlist right now while writing my portion of the blog! To me, good music is what I need the most to help me plan, create, and be successful in the planning process. It gets my juices flowing! I occasionally take snapchat music breaks, but that's the millennial in me. Ha! Honestly, music puts me in one of the best moods, so that's why it's vital to me have music in my perfect atmosphere! I also like to be in the dark settings, with dim overhead lights, and a candle lit. 

I fell in love with this setting at my first job as a video editor. It's something about the dark that makes me feel bright inside, and I work really well in the dark. Now to wrap up my perfect atmosphere, the last thing I need, is a second monitor. Video editing really spoiled me, I can’t work without a second monitor!  When I have a tall glass of water with ice, my handy dandy notebook, the perfect tunes, client notes, a dark room with a good scented candle, and a second monitor, I’m ready to plan an event!

Hey Kristin, what about you?

I don’t need too much - some tunes, my computer (w/ WiFi), a pen/notebook and Ginger Ale and I’m good to go!

My mood at the time I start planning helps set up the “right” atmosphere. Sometimes I may be in a “lit” mood and want to listen to Migos or maybe I want to chill and vibe out to Alina Baraz’s station on Pandora. However, while writing this I’m currently listening to The Weeknd’s new album My Dear Melancholy, it’s such a good album - all six songs! Anyways, If I’m not in the mood to listen to music then I’ll watch either Fresh Prince or Law and Order SVU                                 (haha such huge difference!).

My computer is my baby and the most important item needed during planning. I finalize all my ideas, create presentations and conduct research on it. The notebook and pen starts the process as I scribble notes and quickly jot down ideas old school style, but eventually it’ll all end up on my computer. Finally, Canada Dry Ginger Ale, (sometimes mixed with a little Hennessy) is my go-to refreshing drink while planning.  Overall, my “perfect” planning atmosphere depends on my mood - however, as long as I have my computer with WiFi I’m good to go! By the way, I snuck and read Joy’s answer above and don’t let her fool y’all, her favorite planning drink is COKE! 😛

Well, thats all for today folks!

We would love to hear your favorite setting! Whats your favorite atmosphere to get things done? Drop a comment and we'll chat back! Until next week, thanks for stepping into our world!

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