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Spring Into Love

What’s up readers? In previous posts, you got a chance to take a journey into nJoy the Rush land and learn all about us! Now, we would like to tell you about one of the events we’re planning.

A couple of months ago, Allegra, owner of Alabaster Box (@alabaster_box1) contacted us to plan a speed dating event. We were very excited because other than seeing speed dating in movies, neither of us has planned or been to one. However, that didn’t stop us from taking on the challenge and we set up a consultation at the Green Bean in Greensboro, NC over lattes and hot chocolate.

During a consultation, we really want to grasp the client’s vision and dream for their event.

Allegra’s vision for Spring Into Love arose when she read that Greensboro and the Triad area was ranked the worst city to date in. “I couldn’t believe it! Out of all the other cities!”, Allegra stated in disbelief. Allegra explained how she met her current boyfriend in Greensboro and she couldn’t believe that the statistic was accurate. “I feel that this area is growing in population and people need a place to actually meet other people” she tells us. This sparked her great idea of hosting a speed dating event to help singles in Greensboro find love. “I just wanted to create a positive atmosphere for young professionals to come together and converse; instead of "sliding into DM's". Speed dating is fun and allows you to work on your communication skills. It also gives you the ability to work on your choosing skills; being able to choose correctly is very vital in the world of dating.”, says Allegra.

Allegra was very detailed about how she wanted this event to flow and nJoy the Rush loved every minute of it! It’s refreshing to have a client who really understands their vision and how they want it to be executed. So, this is the idea she had in mind:

  1. Speed daters arrive to the event with an open mind ready to find the love of their life

  2. They grab snacks and drinks while listening to music, to network and loosen up a bit

  3. The lady speed daters find their seats, and the rules are explained by the host

  4. After the rules are explained, the speed dating begins and each date will last 3 minutes before switching

  5. At the end, the daters will have a chance to exchange contact information with their matches

Sounds fun right?! We thought so too! We immediately wanted to indulge in the details and everything she needed from us to make this event successful. We learned that she had a venue, a deejay, and a host for the event. Sounds like she had pretty much everything handled right? Our role in this event was:

1. Marketing: We wanted to create a captivating flyer to grab the attention of the 25 & up age group. Here’s a look at a couple of different drafts:

The lucky winner out of the two was this one:

We immediately fell in love with it and the way it looked on our social media timelines. We also had the idea of creating a video-ad to give the viewers a visual of speed dating. We had actors/actresses (aka our friends 😉) come in and do a mock speed dating event to show viewers what they can expect for the people who had never been speed dating. Check it out:

After we created the compelling flyer, and exciting video, it was time to show these bad boys off on social media. Allegra shared with us that she wanted to continue hosting speed dating events in the Triad area every spring and fall; since this was going to be a continuing event, we decided to create an Instagram page for it (@SpeedDatingGSO).

We didn’t want to stop at social media, we wanted other ways to spread the word. Allegra introduced the idea of going to different fitness centers, barbershops, beauty salons, grocery stores, pop up shops, and other local events to pass out flyers. We also had the idea of doing flash sales to generate more ticket sales. So far, so good!

2. Registration:

Every time nJoy the Rush has an event, we will create a special tab on our menu bar of our website to explain details of the event. Allegra set the ticket cost and we did the rest! Want to see the outcome, head over to the tab: “Spring into Love” << Click it!

3. After the marketing was decided, we also decided on the decorations. When the event takes place, the speed daters will walk into a dim room with soft music playing. And the rest, well, you will have to register to see what else we have up our sleeve!

4. Next, the odds & ends. What if one of the speed daters actually finds someone that they are interested in?! What will they use to jot down important info? Well, nJoy the Rush is going to create, “little black pamphlets” to imitate the little black book that the old school daters and players used. Sounds so dope, right? Register and come see it for yourself! Especially if you're single and ready to mingle! There are only two simple rules:

  • No Cellphones!! (“we taking it back, wwayyy back, back into time”)

  • Don’t be shy (hopefully the networking and drinks will break the ice)

We really want our generation to step out of their comfort zone and shoot their shot all 2018. One of the most successful music artists, Drake, said it best himself: “We live in a generation of not being in love, and not being together”.

Allegra would love to change that, “I would love for women and men to lay aside their fears and be ok with conversing with strangers. You never know who you could meet! I want more men and women to sign up for the event and try something new!”, says Allegra, and nJoy the Rush couldn’t agree more!

Who’s down? Who is ready to register? CLICK HERE for the chance to meet true love or just to simply have a good ol time doing something different. Thanks for stepping into our world today! Subscribe to our email list so that you can stay tuned with our future posts to see how the event actually went! See you on April 27th, we can’t wait for you to “Spring into Love”!

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