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nJoy + the Rush

So, how did nJoy the Rush come about you ask?

Well, we introduced you to "Joy" and "Rush" in previous posts, if you put together the two, then you have nJoy the Rush! Joy & Rush are like the tasty ingredients to an "event planning sandwich", if that makes sense. On one slice of bread, you have Kristin Rush, the marketing guru, and on the other slice of bread, you have Joy Harley, the creative guru. Once you combine the two, you will be full off a successful tasty event planning sandwich.

nJoy the Rush has been in the works for the past two years, but it was successfully launched as an LLC in August 2017.

During the brainstorming process, we lived in two separate cities (Joy in Greensboro and Kristin in Charlotte), and would meet daily on FaceTime discussing details and making weekend trips to create ideas for nJoy the Rush. We went through a ton of paper, and "lit" times forming the company's vision as the "One Stop Shop" for event production.

[Lit/lit/- verb: Good times with friends over drinks and music ]

The first step of the process: finding a name. It was sort of like a movie, Joy sitting in front of her computer, and Kristin sitting in front of hers. Both throwing out names that the other didn’t like. We wrote, we typed, we wrote again, and finally started to combine each other’s thoughts to find a name. Well, the sun went down, and the night was young, but neither had come up with a name for the company. Finally, they combined their names, and came up with: “nJoy the Rush”. It sounded so good rolling off our tongues. We couldn’t get enough of saying it! Instantly, we wanted a logo and we wanted it right then and there.

So, the second step: Creating the brand. We reached out to several different logo makers and through a friend, Cool Keem (check him out, we finally found Andretti Art. Joy and Kristin both wanted something colorful and creative. The owner of Andretti Art listened to our ideas and vision and created the eye-catching logo that we have now. Once Joy & Kristin saw the logo, we instantly fell in love with it.

After the logo was created, the next step was creating the website. Joy & Kristin created the website, and we wanted the website to match the logo – fun, creative, colorful, and fun. We built one website that didn’t quite tickle our fancy, then we created another website that tickled our fancy but didn’t give us that oohhh and ahhh effect. So, you know what they say, the third time is the charm, and we created the website that we have today. The website tickled our fancy and gave us the ohh and ahh that we still have when we go to our website today.

[Tickled Our Fancy/tickled our fancy/- verb: Appeal to nJoy the Rush ]

So, we had our brand, we created a vision to the brand, we had our mission, and now it was time to show nJoy the Rush off to the world. We started with a sponsored community event, ovHERcoming Obstacles. The event catered to teenage girls by teaching them how to overcome every day obstacles that teenage girls face in today’s society. We had a guest panel, breakout sessions that focused on finance and lady etiquette, and a lot more. (Stay tuned to our blogs, one day we will go in depth)

The event was a huge success for nJoy the Rush, and the community was starting to figure out just who we really were! We were overjoyed at how well the event went, which lead us to our next event. Marlena Macklin, a local hairstylist,

was on our guest panel and she was very impressed with ovHERcoming obstacles. As a member of the board for a fundraising event called Killing Colors of Cancer, Marlena asked nJoy the Rush to help plan it. We happily agreed and was able to add another successful event to our belt.

From there, we have been getting more and more events just by word of mouth and our social media hashtag, #nJOYtheRUSH. Each new event, we get to show off a different talent that we both possess. One of the selling aspects is that we both majored and focused in mass communications in college. Although our talents intertwine, we both have experience that differ from the other that we can add to any event to make it spark and unique from other events. Whether its creating a video for your event, or a flyer/invitation or simply marketing and planning, nJoy the Rush can handle it! We take your vision and put all of the ingredients we mentioned before to make your event successful and different.

So that’s the start of nJoy the Rush, we have a lot more in store for the world so make sure you stay tuned! Contact us for any event needs that you have, whether it’s a birthday, graduation, corporate events, fashion show, whatever you want to do, we are here to plan! Thanks for stepping in our world today, until next time!

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