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Hi ya’ll!! I’m Kristin Rush, the "RUSH" in nJoy the Rush.  I’m from North Carolina – I was born in Concord, NC but spent half my life in Charlotte and the other half in Greensboro, until Jan. 2018, when I moved to Maryland or “Murrland” – as most of my college friends from Maryland would pronounce it. 

Speaking of college, I went to THE BEST HBCU in the world!!! Yep, you guessed it…. North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University, where I majored in Journalism and Mass Communication ('13) for my bachelors and Sports Administration ('16) for my masters! Aggie Pride! 

My senior year of high school at Greensboro Day, I was recruited by three schools for a track scholarship and I chose A&T! I ran the 800, 400, 4x4, and the 5k (cross country) all four years of undergrad.  Being on the track team is DEFINITELY one of my favorite memories from A&T. My teammates and I had some great times at Aggie Stadium, on campus, Campus Trace, University Park and on the road to away meets. I was always with my teammates, which is why Joy claims we weren’t that close in college.

During undergrad I got involved in our television studio around my junior year. I would shoot basketball and football games, and track/cross country meets before and after my race for the sports segment of our Aggie News show. At this point, I was really trying to figure out what I wanted to do after graduation since it was right around the corner! My long-term goal was to be an owner of an events production company for sporting events, but what was I going to do short term?!

I continued to help out in the television studio since I did enjoy production and I wanted to be well equipped for the next level. However, once graduation came around (May 2013) I didn't have any jobs lined up and I was unsure of what I wanted to do exactly, other than working in sports. In July of 2013, I was fortunate enough to land a position with Sports Information in the athletic department under Brian Holloway (what up B?!). This position was very helpful to the start of my career. I was able to produce video for all of Aggie Athletics, run the social media pages, write articles for the website and travel with our teams! A year after working in that position I started my masters at A&T in the Sports Administration program. Being in this program definitely opened my eyes more to sports marketing, events and production. Not only was I experiencing these topics in the classroom, but I was able to learn them firsthand with internships with ESPN and Octagon Sports and Entertainment Marketing Agency. 

By this time, my friendship with Joy had grown dramatically! Although, we had the same exact major in undergrad and we were always in Crosby, she didn't fool with me at all. I’d invite her to all our “athletic” festivities and she would never attend. However, during my senior year she asked me to be in a show that her and other classmates were working on and I accepted! I would go straight from practice to the television studio (yes, sweaty and all – you may call it dirty, but I call it dedication and loyalty! Haha) to shoot… this was the start to our friendship which led to nJoy the Rush! Through constant conversation, we realized we had the same passion for owning our own event production company and decided to make it happen. Eventually we got the courage to go for it and turn our words into actions and start nJoy the Rush, LLC officially as a business in 2017. 

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