Brianna Laren

Brianna Laren is a mom, author and mother of two. She is the author of Breebe’s Brand New Baby Brother and Pretty Pretty Black Girl.  Pretty Pretty Black Girl is a book of affirmations for black women that she penned while struggling with depression. Brianna turned it into a book to change the narrative and speak life into the souls of others. She is also shooting a short film version of the book in High Point, NC on March 10th, 2019.  The Book Launch Event for Pretty Pretty Black Girl is on March 29th at Kress Terrace located in Greensboro NC. For tickets to the launch or more information about the book and film visit

Tiffany Fisher

Tiffany Fisher, Founder of The Fisher Projects, is a native of Hamlet, North Carolina. Tiffany is the single mother of one, and she is a graduate of High Point University where she received her Bachelors of Science degree in Business Administration concentrating in Human Resources. 


In 2016 while studying the Bible with some business partners, a friend suggested that Tiffany start an online Bible study for working women who did not have the time to attend a traditional church service during the week.  Although very hesitant to do so, Tiffany created a post on Facebook to see if there was any interest. The overwhelming response was, “yes!”.  In 2016, the Daughters of Esther was born. On any given Sunday, Tiffany can be found logged into her computer leading close to fifty women in studying various topics dealing with the many different obstacles women face in today’s society. 


After leading the women for a year, they expressed the desire for Tiffany to do more than meet online. She is known to her friends as “a connector of many”, due to her God-given talent of bringing people together, especially women, from all walks of life.


“Besides my son Tre’, there’s not much else that brings me more joy than spending time with my family and my friends laughing, traveling and solving world problems. It blesses my entire soul to see sisters supporting one another”.

In November of 2017, Tiffany hosted the first Breakfast with Tiffany. This is an all-female event that is attended by over 100 women, and is hosted every few months. At Breakfast with Tiffany, women come together on a Saturday morning to motivate, to inspire and to support one another.  For more information,   visit


Tiffany often says, “The world says women can’t get along and that we hate on each other and drag each other down. I live every day to prove the world wrong.

Chanel Tucker

Chanel Tucker

Chanel Tucker

Chanel Tucker (@chaneltu_) is the creator and author of, "I'm Okay": A millennial Journey of Frustrations, Generational Blessings, and Understanding Fate". Her debut book encompasses principles on standing true to self in the midst of oppositions and life’s conventions that have fiddled and tried to downplay those who only sought better, while in conjunction of finding who they really are, and their keen purpose. As a reminder to herself and other black millennial women, Chanel dedicates her first book to anyone wanting to persevere when the good isn’t good enough, but are filled with high hopes at all times; anyone who wants to be seen, heard, and believes in their own righteousness and anyone who is persistent, has faith, and continues to focus on being a better person internally and externally. While this may be new, the Atlanta based plans to join forces with local and nation-wide brightest, millennial women leaders who are erupting society barriers. Additionally, her voracious hunger for knowledge, and canny sense of detail has led her into entrepreneurial endeavors that she plans to manifest within 2020. To purchase books please go to   


Lydia Reddic

Lydia Reddic is the founder of Cuts and Curves, a free boot camp in Dallas, Texas. Lydia was inspired to start offering the  free workouts last August every Tuesday and Saturday. She started the boot camp to get her community ( Oak Cliff) moving. Lydia was inspired to start this boot camp because she’s always been apart of team! When she’s apart of a team she’s able to push herself and the people around her. This boot camp is your accountability team, together working towards the same goal! She refers to workout as her mental release. Cuts and Curves is a place to go for roughly 45-60 minutes where you do something healthy for yourself, while having fun. Follow more about her journey on Instagram @cutsandcurves_fit.

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