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Killing Colors of Cancer

Killing Colors of Cancer: A Celebration of Life was a fashion show fundraiser dedicated to supporting cancer survivors, promoting cancer awareness, and celebrating individuals who continue to be triumphant as a fighter, and a survivor of cancer.  


Before the event, local salons sponsored cancer survivors to be pampered and treated like royalty on the day of the fashion show. After the pampering session, the cancer survivors took a victory walk in the fashion show. 


The event was sponsored and hosted by the JL Community Outreach created by Michael Grimes.

Marlena Macklin (owner of Hair Under Construction) helped out with the event as well, she served as the creative director for the event. 

The two contacted nJoy the Rush to help plan and organize the fashion show. So one cool day, we met with the pair and hashed out a lot of details to make sure the day of the event was going to be flawless. 

Mike & Marlena

Preparation for the Fashion Show

After the guest panel, the young ladies separated into small breakout sessions to learn finance and etiquette. 


Our keynote speaker concluded the event with an inspiring story on how she ovHERcame her obstacles of being a teenage parent.




Take a look at some cool photos below:

Photo Cred: Cool Keem Photography •

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