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Raya Clay is a Production Coordinator for FOX SPORTS in Charlotte, NC. She’s had the

opportunity to work with FOX SPORTS for almost 4 years creating content for sports

such as NBA, NFL, and MLB, just to name a few. Before joining FOX SPORTS, Raya

worked for ESPN as Production Assistant to create content for the SEC Network.

Outside of her full-time role at FOX Sports, Raya owns 2 small businesses that keep her

busy in her spare time. Raya is the owner of RC Brand Management and The Raya Shop.

RC Brand Management is a digital creative service agency that has worked with

professional athletes, fashion stylists, photographers, and many more for branding and

creative services.

The Raya Shop, which launched March 2019, is an online clothing boutique. Since

launching, The Raya Shop has gained over 1,000 followers on social media collectively

and has partnered with RC Brand Management to create content for not only social

media but their website as well. The Raya Shop prides itself on it’s trendy collections,

fast shipping, and great customer service.

Raya also has a Youtube channel, Raya Clay TV, that has an audience of over 1,000. In

her spare time she loves to create fun video content and travel the world!

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