Listening to 102 JAMZ every morning before school, Roxie knew this was her dream job. “It was my love for radio, and admiration for previous morning show talent, like Afrika, that prompted me to seek an internship with the hottest station in the Triad.” Roxie joined the 102 JAMZ family during her time at Winston-Salem State University, starting off as an intern and then moving up in the ranks. Now, she is 1 of the 3 personalities that make up the best morning crew in the world. “Dreams really do come true. I live mine every day.” Roxie loves making a difference by mentoring young girls. She is a very strong believer in giving back and remembering where you come from. In her free time, Roxie is most likely jamming out to Beyoncé or dancing, as she is a very well trained dancer. Roxie loves to laugh and also keep it real. Do not talk about college basketball with her unless you are a fan of Duke University. She loves to be with the people and be very involved in the community. Roxie is overjoyed at being a part of the 102 JAMZ family.